Bacalhau à Brás

As it is well known, the Portuguese are great lovers of cod, in its dry and salted versions. We are skilled at cooking this fish and we do it on routine occasions, but also on special moments, such as Christmas. We like our cod cooked, roasted, grilled and even raw (with olive oil and minced […]

Carne de Porco à Portuguesa

Carne de porco à Portuguesa, which has its roots in Algarve (carne de porco à alentejana), is enjoyed all around Portugal (since its origin, in the XV century), as well as abroad. Prove of it are the innumerous variants, adaptations and recreations of this dish that can be found on the internet. According to the legend, […]


Pica-pau can be both enjoyed as a Petisco, in small portions, or as a meal, if, accompanied with a side of french fries. This is a dish that invariably is ordered to the table in every Petiscos’ meal. Pica-pau is very consensual given its traditional flavors – it is prepared using some of the signature […]


This is, maybe, the most well-known Portuguese soup. Why, you ask? Because it’s very versatile and normally enjoyed on “specific” occasions… Have you been dancing all night in Lisbon and want something to warm your stomach before calling it a day? You might end up in Merendeira, eating a bowl of Caldo-verde. It’s the end […]

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