Privacy Policy

  1. Our clients personal information will be used solely for the purpose of booking our Services or purchasing our Products. Homecooking Lisbon may only use its clients personal data for commercial communications when authorized by the client in accordance with current legislation on personal data;

5. Homecooking Lisbon has no control, in any way, over the information you provide to Fareharbor, Visa or MasterCard or entities related with these companies;

2. Pictures or multimedia recordings made by the participants, can only be used for private use, without any commercial goals. Any picture or multimedia recordings made by participants for commercial proposes, should have a written consent of Homecooking Lisbon and other participants;

6. You have the right to request the information we keep during the booking process and also the right to request its deletion;

3. For booking purposes, the information requested to clients include: name, surname, phone contact, email, country of origin and any food restrictions, desired date and the identification of Service to attend;

7. Most websites collect some sort of information about their visitors in order to gather statistics about how many visitors they get each month, what are the most and least popular pages on the website, where there may be problems in serving certain pages to visitors, etc. In an effort to answer questions such as these, Homecooking Lisbon also collects certain basic information about its visitors. Please note, however, that Homecooking Lisbon has no interest in personally identifying its users;

4. On payments processed through Paypal, they may occur online using a Paypal account, through Visa or Mastercard;

8. Each time someone visits the Site, our web server logs a number of details -- if they are available -- including the IP address of the visitor's computer and/or Internet service provider, the domain name and country of origin of that device, the type of device and its operating system, and the type of web browser being used. Homecooking Lisbon uses certain third-party web traffic analysis services, such as Google Analytics, which collect similar information. You can find out more about Google's data privacy and security at:, and you can also opt-out of Google Analytics entirely by using a browser plug-in that Google has developed ( We also may participate in certain web traffic services, as part of web traffic reporting obligations to certain vendors and partners that may require such data in order to receive their services.

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