Portuguese Wine Tasting and Food Pairing

A table set with multiple wine glasses and an assortment of Portuguese Petiscos (Tapas) during a wine tasting and food pairing workshop.

Portuguese Wine Tasting and Food Pairing


Discover the rich flavors of Portugal with our Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Workshop.

Renowned for its exquisite cuisine and world-class wines, Portugal has a tremendous Wine Tasting and Food Pairing offer for you to experience.

Join us in a welcoming environment and savor the carefully curated Portuguese Wines and Food Pairings we prepared for our guests.

Not knowledgeable in wine tasting? Don’t worry! Our experienced sommeliers and chefs will guide you through the entire process, making it easy and enjoyable. You will learn the basics of wine tasting techniques, familiarize yourself with the most common aromas of Portuguese wines, and much more.

During our Wine Tasting and Food Pairing you will gain a deeper understanding of the Portuguese wine landscape, enabling you to make informed choices the next time you select a Portuguese wine and some Petiscos to go along.

Our pairings change seasonally to ensure you enjoy the freshest and most premium ingredients Portugal has to offer. Rest assured, we have a diverse selection of Petiscos and wines to explore throughout the year.

Detailed Information:
  • Duration: 2:00 hours

  • Availability: Click a date below to browse availability and schedule

  • Capacity: 12 participants (Minimum 4 participants)

  • Experience description: Guided by our expert sommeliers you will start by getting learning/reviewing the basics of wine tasting and get acquainted with the most common aromas of Portuguese wines. You will get the chance to test your newly acquired “skills” right away, in a fun and easy-going tasting game. You will be tasting 4 wines, from the most iconic wine regions of Portugal (i.e. Douro, Dão, Vinho Verde, Peninsula de Setubal, etc), perfectly paired with 4 selected Petiscos (i.e. Octopus Salad, Codfish Cakes, Chicken Pie, Custard Tart, etc.) that complement and enhance their unique characteristics. After this light meal, you will get a better understanding of Portuguese wines and what are the best Petiscos to pair them with.

  • Our venue: Travessa da Verbena, n.12, 1300-566 Lisbon (link)

  • Language: English

  • Price: 65€ per participant; minimum age 18 (all taxes included)

What can you expect from your experience?! Well, this much…
  • Cultural Journey: Enjoy up to 2 hours of a fun and enriching exploration of Portuguese wine and gastronomy.

  • Wine Tasting Skills: Learn the basics of wine tasting techniques and get acquainted with the common aromas of Portuguese wines.

  • Regional Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of Portugal's diverse wine regions.

  • Perfect Pairings: Delight in a light meal featuring 4 wines from iconic Portuguese regions, each expertly paired with 4 freshly prepared Petiscos.

  • Digital Recipe Booklet: Get access to a detailed recipe booklet with descriptions and secrets behind the Petiscos you enjoyed.

  • Tasting Chart: Take home a tasting chart with details of the wines you sampled, along with your personal notes and appraisals.

  • Refreshments: Enjoy complimentary water throughout the experience. Coffee and tea.

• By booking this experience you agree with our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
• Please note that traditional Portuguese food is not vegetarian or vegan friendly and may not be suited if you have any food allergy and/or restriction. In any of these situations, we kindly ask you to contact us before purchasing our services, through geral@homecookinglisbon.com.

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