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Arroz de Feijão (Bean’s Rice)

Looking for a side dish that will make your grilled dishes go to the next level? Try Portuguese beans’ rice! This flavorful and robust side dish is packed with protein and fiber, so it’s practically a health food… kind of… : ) If you’re looking for a side dish that will make your taste buds […]

Choquinhos à Algarvia (Cuttlefish Algarve Style)

Choquinhos à Algarvia, as the name implies, are a typical dish from the Algarve region. They are a fresh and easy and quick dish to prepare. But no less tasty! It is a dish made with few ingredients, but all of them are rich in flavor and freshness… This dish automatically reminds us of moments […]

Migas com Entrecosto

This dish is much appreciated by the Portuguese and by those who visit us and is especially consumed in the Alentejo region, where “Migas” and “Açordas” originate. Or so the legend goes… History tells us that with the arrival of the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula (8th century) the “Açordas” (and their variants) began to […]

Bacalhau à Gomes Sá (Codfish Gomes Sá Style)

Bacalhau à Gomes Sá is another favorite codfish recipe of the Portuguese. According to history, this recipe was named after its creator (Gomes Sá), a codfish merchant in the Oporto area (northern Portugal). It is a recipe that has in its base all the ingredients typically used in the preparation of Portuguese codfish dishes, only […]

Pastel de Nata – Egg Custard

Although this egg custard might be used for other purposes, this is one of the two essential parts to prepare the world-famous Pastel de Nata (Egg custard tart). If you haven’t done it yet, please check out our recipe dedicated to the preparation of the Puff Pastry. While to prepare the puff pastry you will […]

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato

This is one of my personal favorite seafood Petiscos! With the exception of maybe boiled Percebes (Goose Barnacles), that funny looking seafood treat, Ameijoas à Bulhão (Bulhão Pato Clams) is the most authentic way of enjoying that distinct flavor of sea that you can only get from seafood. The trick is not trying to get […]

Peixinhos da horta

As many other Petiscos, Peixinhos da Horta can also be part of your main course. Just paired them with a tasty tomato rice and you will have a proper meal! Nevertheless, they shine their best when served simply as a Petisco. They are the perfect “dip food” snack: crispy on the outside and soft and […]

Pastel de Nata – Puff Pastry

According to history, Pastel de Nata was first sold in 1837, in Belém, near the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, when, in an attempt to survive harsh times, the monastery’s clergy put this pastry up for sale. Since then, this pastry has become the ex-libris of the Lisbon pastry and a tourist attraction in itself… Its preparation […]


Farófias are a very tasty dessert with different textures, which gives it a special touch and justifies the success of this recipe in Portuguese cuisine. Its final look, which resembles small clouds covered in a creamy egg-based sauce, appeal to everyone… Check out our Farófias recipe! With common ingredients and typical Portuguese cooking processes, this […]

Pataniscas de Bacalhau

Codfish… The love that the Portuguese have for this fish is no secret. Our cuisine is full of cod recipes (see our Bacalhau à Brás or Pasteis de Bacalhau), that serve all tastes: grilled, boiled, roasted, fried and even raw! The one we bring you today is one of those that, in addition to being […]

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